Is This The World’s Baddest Audi S8? We Sure Hope So

This Audi S8 V10 might be a luxury cruiser, but it sure does make one hell of a noise
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Picture 15

The second-generation Audi S8 is the epitome of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The full-fat 5.2-litre V10 motor – a derivative of the same engine you’ll find in the Lambo Gallardo – produces no less than 444bhp and 398lb ft of torque. Despite its near two-tonne kerb weight, it’s good for a 0-62mph sprint time of just 5.1sec and a top speed of 155mph (limited).

Picture 14

While the standard car growls and sings rather nicely, the S8 you’ll hear in this video barks, pops and cracks as if it’s just been driven out of the gates of hell by Satan himself.

The reason? This S8 comes fitted with a new Meisterschaft exhaust system (stainless steel by the looks of it), which has given that engine a very, very bad lease of life. Watch, listen, leave us your thoughts.


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  • Damian Blaze

    I want to drive it lol.

    • Merci Lago

      Well in that case, let me be in the backseat just to hear the growl in personal and just to be sure i’ll survive the crash when you run it over a tree lol..

  • dafyduk17

    High light of the video: that clean Shelby on the right in the beginning of the video.

    • Nick


  • Miltron

    Too Raspy for me…

  • richy rich

    GREAT. end the video right when he enters the tunnel -___-

  • Name

    I see you guys read Jalopnik.

    I also see you suck at crediting sources.

    • autoalex

      Jalopnik’s a great site! This wasn’t found on Jalopnik, however.

      • JBH

        Where was it found then? Because I made this video, and the first and only place I’ve posted it is ON Jalopnik. Do tell…I’m quite curious.

        • autoalex

          It’s been on Reddit since yesterday and directs straight to YT:

          • JBH

            fair enough, forgot I posted there too

          • Mort


        • SBC

          So, we can send the ticket of you running the red light then?
          Good to know, I’ll forward it to the police.

          • JBH

            I filmed it, I wasn’t driving.

          • Matt Bernier

            You filmed it… I feel like that’s misleading. You mean he used your cameras. You certainly weren’t holding either of them.

  • Daniel J. Darrow

    Very classy running the red light at the end

  • 8-bit

    very cool in every other car than the S8…
    think that is kinda retarded…

  • Itsmrmax

    Bloody disgusting! I certianly hope its just video quality or this needs to be changed quick.


    too bad he barely gets it out of 1st gear….

  • Paige Bachand

    Maximum 20mph

  • Jeffrey McDonough

    Joke’s on you, there’s no midpipe!

  • Chris

    1:12 Epic moment of Prius being crushed with sound :D Awesome, i want it :D

  • Djeboy

    Just jizzin on my keyboard

  • Chris DiCorpo

    Audi S8, powered by the world’s loudest Hammer-Drill.

  • goodie

    boring! take the car on a track

  • Guest

    Too bad it sounds just like a ricer in higher RPMs…snap, crackle, and pop, just like a 90s model civic that has an aftermarket exhaust

  • Brent

    Rather have a new S8

  • pfunk

    Flipping idiot driving like a hooke in city traffic. Take it to some open road and man up a bit.

  • 65mustang

    only enjoyed the first 17 secs of the video. Cobra!!!!


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