Here’s Proof That Mega Rare Zondas And Walls Do Not Mix

Watch and wince as a super-rare Pagani Zonda GR plows into a wall
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In case you haven’t seen one of these before, this is a Zonda GR, a race-going version of the mental Italian hypercar we all know and love. Weighing in at just 1100kg and producing 600hp, the GR was built with the intention of tackling the 2003 Le Mans 24 Hours, which it sadly failed to finish.

In the video below, the Zonda GR – being driven at full pelt – is given a punt in the rear by another car, which pitches the GR sharply into the wall at around 140kmh. The car then re-bounds across the track and the driver makes his escape. This GT business certainly does seem to have its risks.

and after...

and after…

Enjoy the noise. Wince at the smash.


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  • Shane

    Aww.. that’s too bad. Time to buy another.


    damn he just barely nicked that rumble strip and got sent flying what a shame.

    • Click

      You can read right?



  • Scruff

    Oh the humanity!

  • Dominik_S2k

    just FYI – this is at the Most racing circuit in Czech Republic

  • Nick

    Thats the most awesome ending. Theese guys did a good job. Because racecar.


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