Ferrari Hater Throws An Egg At A 458 Spider Driver In London

When the Dubai rich kids come to London to play on the streets of London, there will be egg-wielding haters
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Blink and you'll miss it - an egg is thrown from a top floor window

Blink and you’ll miss it – an egg is thrown from a top floor window

It seems that the people of London have got it in for Ferrari owners; can’t think why, especially when said Ferrari is supercar we’re particularly fond of – the glorious 458 Spider.

Anyway, the Arabic owner of this 458 was given quite a nasty surprise yesterday afternoon. Here’s what the uploader of the video had to say:

So while out filming footage yesterday this poor female driver in her Ferrari 458 Spider had an egg thrown at her. It took me a few seconds to just realise what had happened. I am pretty sure it was from one of the flats/apartments above Sloane Street, although I didn’t see who did it. Scum behaviour.

Scummy behaviour indeed!


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  • Mitchell Hayward

    This is why you still live in a flat…


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