Equus Bass 700: Your New Favourite Muscle Car

A Mustang with a Corvette engine, Ferrari performance, and playschool scrabble name...
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Do you like your American muscle cars as Detroit intended, or fiddled with, pumped up, and bad-assed? If you’re one of the latter, this Ford Mustang could be right up your street. If not, you might want to grab a stress ball or do some breathing exercises. Sit this one out.

Hands up, I lied: this isn’t a Ford Mustang. Not any more, anyway. Although this bears the perfectly proportioned bodyshell of a 1968 Fastback ‘Stang, this is the ridiculously named Equus Bass 770.


Let’s tear that apart. Equus? Isn’t that a stage play that Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe got his kit off for? Or Hyundai’s idea of an S-class rival? Either way, it hardly screams attitude. What does do just that is ‘Bass‘, written large across the car’s arse. Not Boss. Bass. And the 770? You tell us.


No, I mean it. The engine isn’t a 770-cubic inch, or a 7.7-litre. It’s actually the 6.2-litre, supercharged V8 from a C6 Corvette ZR1, good for 631bhp and 605lb ft. Plenty of power, as you’ll soon see, but why not badge the Bass as a 620, perhaps?


Anyway, you can have a six-speed manual shifter in the retro-modern Mustang interior, or a dual-clutch automatic. You get carbon-ceramic brakes, adaptive magnetic dampers, and new car tech like cruise control and LED lights.

How fast? Try a Ferrari 458 Italia-equaling 3.4sec to 62mph, and 200mph flat out. Just about quick enough to outrun the odd name, then.


Equus Automotive fancies its chances – this ain’t no fly by night one-off. You’ll pay £186,000 for your very own – also equal to a Ferrari 458, incidentally. Equus states the Bass 770 is ‘a new American milestone in high-end automobile history‘. Dang. So it’s up there with Ferrari F40s and Bugatti Veyrons for benchmark quality then? We’re quietly excited.


Anyway, here’s a rather enjoyable mini-movie starring the Bass, some gratuitous burnouts, and more plot twists than a season of Breaking Bad. Enjoy.


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  • Lukáš Novic Novák

    looks like a car from GTA series

    • Albert Herd

      That’s exactly what I thought lol..

    • Eric Dillon Schubert

      Vapid Dominator lol

    • tinto

      exactly my thoughts LOL!

    • Bryce

      The picture with the planes actually looks like a screenshot from GTA too.

  • Muertien Star

    I’m hoping this will be on Topgear.

  • Greg Siemon

    The fact that it has a Chevy motor in it made me loose complete interest

    • Greg Simoneatscock

      Idiot. Chevy motors are constantly praised for their power. suck a dick.

      • chewie402

        Chevy sucks, plain and simple. Besides that, making a badass car with just the right amount of retro-touches, but still enough individuality is then thrown out the window by simply stuffing a Chevy Engine in it…any asshole can do that…no creativity or imagination under the hood at all

        • EnglishSmarties

          People stuff LS engines into everything because they work so damn well every time, plain and simple.

          • Ben Futrell

            No retard, because they are cheap. Any idiot can build a chevy motor, they are far from complicated. If they were so great, the demand would go up, driving prices higher. Economics 101. There is a reason Ford and Dodge motors cost more to build. Because they are far a better build, with far better designed parts. Quality costs money, you ever hear that? They why be of a fan of the cheap brand?

          • Tanner Dunkle

            sorry to tell you man. There is a reason American car companies have been getting their asses beat for the last 10 years. Because they cut way to many corners. I am a mechanic and doesn’t matter, Ford, GM, Dodge. All of them will never outlast or hold up as well as german cars will….the only good vehicles Americans companies know how to make is diesel trucks…but then you are almost paying $60,000 for one.

          • Nathan Howard

            Which is exactly why Ford is not in the running to be compared to the GTR right? Pretty sure the ZR1 is the only american car that comes close.

    • Josh Koelker

      You realize that’s an aluminum block 6.2L V8 thats been supercharged?! The LS series engines are known for their performance.

      • Jared

        You realize fords 5.8 supercharged makes quite a bit more power

  • James Pickens

    Equus is the genus that horses are part of, 700 is the average weight of a horse. Anything past that, i have no clue the naming.

  • 2012Paxtonblown5.0

    The fact that it has a chevy engine in it means they are smart.

  • Tom

    A Chevy motor.. because every Ford should feel the true heartbeat of a Chevy motor.

  • David Voth

    It turns fuel into skids. Who cares what engine it is?

  • crackizgudmmk

    TPMS light on = Fail

  • Ben Futrell

    A Ford with a Chevy motor, no thanks. American classics should be respected, and cross branding them makes them worthless in my views. Should have used a Big Block Ford motor, and some hi performance goodies, and even some boost. To the idiots that say the Chevy motor is better, your on crack. There is far more Ford V8 engines on the road today, because they sell more of them. Why? You tell me, no one can touch Ford’s truck sales, and the Mustang is what started the muscle car era. Don’t believe me, do some research for yourself. The Camaro was such a hit they discontinued it for 11 years due to poor sales, and dodge is crap, they bring an iconic car back as a 4 dr sedan. The Mustang is the only tried and true muscle car for the ages, it should be respected. Idiots.

    • bakanekro

      Far more Ford v8s on the road… what? I’d like to see your source, please. Considering every hot rod from here Alaska to Mexico is running a small block Chev…

    • Micah

      I like how someone like you bitches about this. Its not even a real Mustang! Its a custom clone of one. I think the whole automotive community would be far better of if people wouldn’t argue and bash and trash on everything that they don’t personally love! Buy what you like and let other people decide for themselves. No need to be a dick!

    • TWP

      yet no one hardly ever stuffs a ford engine into a project car.
      they always stuff in an old 350. why? old, reliable, parts easily available.

      • Gearhead

        No. They do it because its cheaper to acquire than the ford equivalent. Not because its better

    • dut

      Actually mustangs didn’t start the muscle car era. Mustangs were originally made the appeal to the female buyer.

    • Codey Lundgren

      Lol the only reason there are more fords on the road is because rental companies are part of there marketing budget so uneducated consumers see their name everywhere which obvs works. Problem being they have the lowest retained value on the market. Highest residual value on the market? Jeep wrangler. Highest truck? Ram 1500. Good try. Ps most rentals are ecoboost which is a v6 so wrong again

    • Randy Wallich

      its not a ford so you can stop crying now

    • ermaherd

      wheres the jackie chan meme when you need it. Guessin your a true blue man? If so there is no arguing with you, you got your head so far up your ass to see fords are not the best out there. Ford says they own the work field here in Texas, well Ive seen more Dodges Chevys and TOYOTAs as work trucks here. Why? Because fords in general you have to take them back to the dealership when they break down. anything else you can roll up in your shop and fix it yourself.

  • Angel

    They could have done better on power if they put in the new 5.8L GT500 engine.

  • bakanekro

    But why a Mustang shell? Polish a turd, put lipstick on a pig, etc. etc.

  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    The interior reminds me of Mercedes with those Air vents, while remaining true to the old muscle car culture that less indicators on the dashboard are better.

  • Jigs J Sharma

    eleanor is back?

  • mix

    i don’t like the foglamps.

    • Galaxyradio Dublin


  • Daniel Hendricks

    Equus is horse in Latin, probably akin to it being a mustang.

  • Tzuy Flaviu

    MANUAL TRANMISION !!!! :O:O can belive they have such thing in america

    • CSRozell

      Never been to America I see

  • Mike Bouchard

    Ignoring the dispute on the engine, this is what I think a mustang should look like.
    Gorgeous car

  • Brother John

    Looks a tad too much like the ’67 fastbacks. But, the retro styling is still brilliant.

  • Dan

    I found some Super HD wallpapers of this 770 Bass car


  • http://milano.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca

    this is really great!


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