Epic Freerunning Stunt Video With Driverless Caddy Coupe de Ville

We love a spot of 'ghost riding'. But have you ever seen anything as awesome as this?
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We’ve already seen the latest craze of ‘Carkour,‘ but if jumping through stranger’s car windows aren’t to your liking, then a brilliantly fun parkour/freerunning video involving some Caddy goodness certainly will be.

This fearless trio of experts take ghost riding to new levels, performing mad jumps, bad-ass break dance moves and flippin’ awesome flips off the back of a third-gen Cadillac Coupe de Ville from the late 1960s.

Underneath the bonnet of the barbarically long barge nestles a 7.7-litre V8 unit, giving the 2.2-tonne Coupe a top speed of not very much. In fact, we’re pretty certain this things going flat-out if you fast-forward to 3:25 min.

Hat tip to Faz!

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