Dodge Charger Punishes Burnout Fail Hooner With Wall Faceplant

Watch this muscle car ram a wall after its driver loses control of a burnout
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bad burnout

When leaving a car show, you’ve got to be handy to pull off a good burnout or drift without looking like a complete tool in front of petrolhead onlookers. Get it spot on, and you’re a hero. Get it wrong and your pride will take even longer to stitch back together than your ride. You can bet this Dodge Charger owner wishes he’d thought that through before nailing the gas pedal here…

Props to the crowd for typically boisterous reactions to a fellow human being in need of assistance. Mocking first, then sweeping up the debris.


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  • Zero

    It doesn’t matter, new Chargers don’t deserve to exist. The Charger was never a 4 door.

    • Keith Speed Demon Munn

      I like the new charger. But definitely should have been a 2 door. all brands have ruined the namesakes of all the old cars. look at the Dart! the GTO, the new GNX is looking like its going to be a 4 door too

    • Ant

      … I drive a 72 Dart Custom – a 4 door. =D Most comfortable cruiser ever.

      • Ethan Hubbard

        a 72 dart is not the most comfortable anything.. ever.

    • grillmaster79

      The thing is that few people want 2 doors anymore. That’s what the Challenger is for. If it was a 2 door, it would have sold a third as much. It’s just the reality of the market today.

  • Ju ju eyeballs

    So tired of the 4 door charger haters. The ugly truth is that no one would buy a goddamn 2 door car. Just about as useless as tits on a bull.

    • trogdor

      i just bought a 350z, it has two doors and two seats. works fine for me.

    • zz383mero

      Dodge Challenger only has 2 doors,

      Your Argument is invalid!

  • Alex

    i feel like if the driver of this car wasnt retarded he wouldn’t have hit the wall. just saying, its not that hard to control the back end

  • SuperECR33

    what’s great is if you look at his seat it’s leaned way back, but if you watch right before the wreck he is leaning up pretty up right. hmmmm interesting.

  • Sop


  • Ken

    She didn’t know when to lift

  • Sean

    I work for Chrysler. Dodge chargers are fuckin piles !


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