everybody is angry and hatin’ on each other. instead of doing that , tell me about YOUR ultimate dream car in full detail , i’d love to hear it!
my dreamcar?
well, i’d love to have a black pontiac firebird formula 400 with nice racing tires and a nice set of rims. no body kits , no engine changes , i love to keep things standard :)
annyhow , tell me about your dream car!

- You are the main character of the last movie/series you saw.
- Car: The last car you used in a game (any game, any spec but that car)
- Number of ct points = number of zombies
- to make it interesting, you have 2 liters left of fuel
how f**ked are you?

I would be Ethan Hunt in a Nissan Silvia S15 against 835 zombiees, damn i dont know if i make it…

Car Throttle Gaming Challenge, Week 1: F1 2015 @ Circuit of the Americas

CT Gaming Challenge Week 1: F1 2015 @ COTA


Car Throttle Gaming Challenge, Week 1: F1 2015 @ Circuit of the Americas - Gaming

Thanks to the guys at Mad Catz and Playseat, we’ve got a sick gaming setup in the office! This gave us an idea: Why not challenge you guys to beat us? Every week, we’ll pick a game, a car, and a track, and some of us will set a time… all you have to do is beat us! Just upload an image of your time, and we’ll highlight the fastest laps later this week!

This week’s challenge is F1 2015, using a Mercedes AMG Petronas at Circuit of the Americas. Here are the times to beat:

  1. Darren Cassey 1m 43.956
  2. George Wilson 1m 44.018
  3. Gabor Szedlak 1m 44.479
  4. John Marcar 1m 45.639
  5. Ethan Smale 1m 48.926