Connor’s Day Hero Loses Cancer Battle – RIP Little Man

12-year-old car-mad Connor Harrison sadly passed away before Christmas
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The sad news that Connor’s Day hero, Connor Harrison, lost his fight against a brain tumour before Christmas, has reached us at CT. Terminally ill Connor was the inspiration behind the popular event last year following a missed trip to a Subaru rally due to illness. Connor’s father Scott later turned to his buddies at ScoobyNet in the hope that a few cars could gather to give his son an event to truly remember.

Scott’s forum post duly went viral, attracting around 2200 cars to the special event. The day was a beautiful example of the power of the internet and the wonderful car community. As well as the strong Subaru showing, there were Ferraris, Porsches and a multitude of other hot metal including Alex Roy in a Morgan 3-Wheeler.

We attended the event and it was clear Connor and his family had a joyful, if emotional, day. Our thoughts are with the Harrison family.

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