Check Out Seb Loeb’s 1000bhp Pikes Peak Peugeot Missile

Rally ace's Red Bull 'Race To The Clouds' car is revealed with a stunning paint job and MASSIVE rear wing
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208 T16 Front

Nine time world rally champion Sébastien Loeb will compete in this year’s Pikes Peak event for Peugeot Sport in a butch, rally-prepped 208.

The T16 will be competing in the Unlimited category, which allows the designers a fair amount of creativity converting a shopping cart into this mountain munching monster. Peugeot’s design team were given basic specifications on size, and worked with the aerodynamics team down the road to create something that looks mental.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The basic silhouette of a standard 208 is in there somewhere, but the T16 looks like DTM on steroids. The rude boy wide arches and massive front splitter give it stance, but it’s the rear wing that’s the real talking point – it was ripped off Peugeot’s Le Mans 24 Hours winning 908.

Father Son Reunion

This marks a fine return to Pikes Peak for a Peugeot looking to regain its motorsport credibility. Fans of the famous hill climb will no doubt be aware of Ari Vatanen and Robby Unser hustling their Peugeot 405 T16s to victory in 1988 and 1989 respectively. No mean feat as the climb takes in 156 corners over 20 kilometres to the finish line at 4,301 metres. This year’s circuit is fully paved, so expect records to tumble.


The T16′s final performance figures haven’t yet been released, but an earlier teaser hinted the T16 would have more than 1000bhp in its final livery. We hope they keep this monochrome look – it’s downright dirty.

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  • Brian Driggs

    Sad the whole damn thing is paved now. It’s like the spirit of the race has been watered-down for the masses who don’t like to get their hands dirty.

    And, to help those who maybe don’t understand the gravity of this race, I’ve driven the road twice in street cars. You pretty much stay in first or second gear the entire time. At legal speed limits (trust me, you don’t want to go much faster, and your typical tuner car isn’t setup right even if you wanted to), you’re looking at about 3 hours to drive up, turn around, and coast all the way back down. It’s a monster of a road.

    • Darren Cassey

      Totally agree. Part of the reason rallying has lost its appeal is that it has become a sanitised motorsport. Watching old group B videos makes you buzz, and while I’m not saying we should go back to the days of people coming within inches of death so often, there has to be that craziness. Pikes Peak is still epic, but the gravel made it special, the gravel made it so only the best of the best could truly tame it. It’s just lacking now. That said, the cars still look wonderful.

      • Brian Driggs

        Sanitized! That’s the word I wanted.

        Motorsport, in general, is growing ever moreso. Combine an overly-litigious society that files exorbitant lawsuits for the simple fact it’s cheaper to settle out of court for filthy lucre than to defend your rights these days with a populace growing less interested in vehicular freedom by the year, and there’s really no other choice.

        You can’t have 500hp monsters scrambling for traction on gravel in the wild because some irresponsible spectator might put himself in harm’s way. And it’s getting to the point where you can’t have them racing on closed courses on private property because years later, oblivious idiots will build homes nearby, complain about the noise, and get the track shut down.


  • Monkey

    Sad about the paving, but that car is fabulous! Utterly certifiable and so caricatured. All Red Bull vehicles should now be this colour-scheme by law.


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