Caption Competition – Hammond Vs Paceman

Whoever comes up with the best caption gets a free T-shirt and 20 man points
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In case you missed last night’s installment of Top Gear (shame on you) you won’t have caught Hamster’s interesting impression of the new Mini Paceman’s front-end.

Whether you agree or disagree that this new Mini is a heinous-looking thing, one thing’s for sure – Hammond’s face says it all.

Nevertheless, we’re throwing the gauntlet open for your best, most witty caption, which we’ll feature on our Facebook page tomorrow.

The winner also gets a free T-shirt. Over to you…

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  • bantermonkey

    “Richard Hammond still bearing the facial scars from his 2006 dragster crash”

  • Mickey Jizzle

    “The Mini Paceman was ridiculed by Top Gear’s Richard Hammond (right).”

  • TopLad

    Mini Paceman – the ultimate stroke-mobile

  • Antony Ingram

    MINI shows its ability to be small and irritating, just like a Top Gear host.

  • Ollie Kew

    What a C**tryman

  • Matt Gottesman

    Guy: ‘O, bother! Looks like I’m a spin-off of a a spin-off of a German take on an English car with a French engine and a Chinese transmission! I don’t know who I am! Drat!’
    Car: You are a dick, you know that?


Image source: Mercedes AMG Petronas
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