Bad News: The GT-R Nismo’s Astonishing Nurburgring Time Was A Massive Lie

The GT-R NISMO had more than a little help in its preparations for the Green Hell
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nissan gt-r

Earlier in the week we brought you the news that the incredible Nissan GT-R NISMO had lapped the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 8 seconds, just 11 seconds slower than the Porsche 918.

Well it turns out that it kind of didn’t. The original press release did state that the car used featured ‘track options’, which included ‘aerodynamics tuning, weight reduction, and suspension tuning‘. It turns out that this also includes ‘bigger spoilers for more downforce, different dampers and brake pads, bucket seats that contributed to a significant 50kg weight saving and a new ECU map.

gt-r ring

Now Nissan weren’t necessarily hiding this fact, and these parts will be made available to customers, but PistonHeads spoke to NISMO engineers, who confessed that the car had also been specifically tuned for the Nurburgring. This is significant as, for example, the ‘Ring car’s dampers are actually softer than standard, to aid the car around the bumpy circuit.

This is another example of just how pointless Nurburgring lap times are as they are completely unregulated. Nissan made bold claims that it broke the lap record for ‘a volume production car’ – it won’t ship engineers to fine-tune your car for the environment in which you’ll be hooning, so it’s not really the ‘volume production car’, is it?

That being said, the GT-R NISMO looks like a badass. Even without the fine-tuning, the 600bhp V6 sounds like an incredible package.


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  • Domdom

    Every single manufacturer does this. Nismo did it with a car capable doing that time and broke a record. No matter what dodge or chevrolet does with their new cars, it won’t come close shy of power adders and major suspension mods.

    • Novac Darius-Fabian

      Agreed. Chevy and Dodge need to realize that just having a Massive Pointless Engine up front isn’t the best thing in the world…

      • Isaac

        It finally tool 6 years for that overweight overrated car to beat Old school pushrod American v8 and v10? That’s kinda sad that it also took 200k more too.

        Imagine a ZR1 nurburg edition and ACR nurburg edition. Those would.embarrass the GTR just like they did for the past 6 years.

        • Peter Negru

          uhh, where do u see 200k mentioned?
          also, I have heard tht the zr1 used a different set of tires then what was on the production car.

          • Avez

            wow a new set of tires, that must really make the same difference as ‘bigger spoilers for more downforce, different dampers and brake pads, bucket seats that contributed to a significant 50kg weight saving and a new ECU map. + specific Nurburging tuning’. Just to add, the original version of the 2013 NISMO GTR made 7 minutes 30 seconds, compared to 7 minutes 19 seconda of the 2012 zr1. and I don’t even know why the stock porsche 918 was mentioned. it’s best time was 6:57 with consistent 6:58′s. which is 7 seconds faster than a mclaren p1, and over 30 seconds faster than the GTR. They are in another league all together.

          • Javier Caldera

            Actually tires make a humongous difference. I had a set of yokohama track tires on my car for about a week, and it handles so much better, than a set of regular street tires. Thats with a heavy car, at low speeds, imagine a lighter car at quick speeds.

          • Rick Jones

            No, the tires on the ZR1 and everything about it was factory and offered to the customer, in fact Tire Rack sells them… There was extra safety equipment that was put into the car to protect the driver. The Nismo GTR will be around $150,000-$160,000 sticker, so closer to $200,000 out the door.

          • boostmaster

            You are an idiot. The first time the ZR1 set was with factory tires and it was a 7.22.XXX
            The 7.19.XXX was set by the 2012 ZR1 with different tires (which was a factory option for the car) please tell me how they aren’t factory tires? Also, they didn’t “fine” tune the ZR1 for the ring. Neither was the ACR. The ACR-X on the other hand (which still destroys the GTR) is more of a pure track car than the ACR. You really should educate yourself.

          • Peter Negru

            ok, one: why are you commenting on such an old post?

            2: i said i HEARD. I didnt deny it, i didnt support it. i just wanted it cleared up.

            no need to be a dick about it.

      • Przemys?aw Narbutt

        You mean dodge… ford and chevy are not standing still in terms of suspension.

    • Brent

      You’re dumb.

  • Novac Darius-Fabian

    Logic dictates that a certain car must be tuned specifically for that certain track in order to fully conquer it. They don’t call it fine tuning for nothing. And back to the whole point , I say this car already proved what it can do even in it’s regular shape, what Nismo have achieved is nothing surprising. I’d say everyone already knew this car would perform as it did in that video.

    • Isaac

      Now imagine throwing 200k into a ACR or ZR1? special tune just for nurburg. Again they will superior just like they have since. 2009 took 6 year. To neat then with special track tunning. Not something to be proud of.

      • Cats

        No one. Cares. About. Stupid. American. Crap.

      • Javier Caldera

        Stop pulling that number put your ass! The only 200k you are talking about is IMAGINARY. I am damn well sure the ZR1 and the ACR were tuned to accommodate the track and conditions, but just like the government they lie about the things they dont want you to know, didn’t dodge and GM get a bailout? From the government? Guess what, Nissan hasn’t.

        • Novac Darius-Fabian


        • Brandon A

          Well I dont think Nissan could have gotten a bailout if they tried considering I doubt anyone would be willing. I also just want to say that America went through a stage where foreign cars were ” the best thing ever” and we left American companies to rot basically there was nothing significantly different with the cars from any other company.

          • Javier Caldera

            Except reliablility, my Lesabre went out at 160k my mitsu has 230k and still running

          • Javier Caldera

            Although any car can always run forever with proper maintenance

  • s2kadrenalin

    Not the first time Nissan has lied to us about the GT-R’s Nurburgring times…… They did this in 2010 also with different tyres, suspension and other changes.

    Lieing terds.

    • Novac Darius-Fabian

      Every car manufacturer fine tunes the car for this certain track. Even the Shitvette and ACR got fine tuned and even used Race tires when lapping the Green Hell.

      • Brent

        Nope, wrong

        • Novac Darius-Fabian

          it actually is true…

      • Przemys?aw Narbutt

        I dont know car called shitvette

  • Fredrik Räkan Nordström

    As an exotics fan, this was a huge relief ;)

    • Fredrik Räkan Nordström

      i would really like to see how fast the laferrari can get around here, definently under 7 minutes

  • mdenz

    It would be nice if Nissan could give one honest lap time for a GTR.

  • Rick Jones

    I think EVERY GTR that Nissan has thrown around this track is not at all in factory form, the whole point of this Nurburgring argument is to prove who can go around the track fastest on FACTORY equipment. The competitors have only ever run factory equipment with the exception of some additional safety equipment (which would include more weight) down to the tires, which you can all purchase from Tire Rack if you choose to do so.

  • electric_jellyfish

    This is why i hate import guys the z28 had a very good lap time, but they will say its bullshit because its a big front engine rwd v8. But as soon as the Mother company for import fags Nissan straight lies about lap times its OKAY because everyone else did it. This is why people hate you not because your over seas its because Y’all just hate on everything that isnt yours. its so pathetic.


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