Ad War: Audi Responds to “Checkmate”

Well, after asking for idea submissions on it’s Facebook page in response to BMW’s “Checkmate” response ad, Audi has gone up with it’s own response, replacing the “Your Move, BMW” A4 advertisement with the one...
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Well, after asking for idea submissions on it’s Facebook page in response to BMW’s “Checkmate” response ad, Audi has gone up with it’s own response, replacing the “Your Move, BMW” A4 advertisement with the one you see above. That was fast!

Audi Billboard Detail

That is the result of Audi’s marketing team’s hard efforts to counter the BMW M3 “Checkmate” ad. Like many of the entries submitted, the Audi R8 features (not a bad idea). But the ad itself; well as I’ve said before, how do you top “Checkmate”? You don’t. So the results are questionable, to say the least. “Check your luxury badge, it may have expired” (?) What is that supposed to mean and what does it have to do with chess? Nothing, apparently.

You might be wondering if BMW will counter with anything. In my opinion the best response to ad like this would be to drop it, it speaks for itself to say nothing. The marketing brains at BMW have done just that too. To make matters worse, both the ”Checkmate” ad and Audi’s”Your Move,  BMW” are gone, leaving this ad to reference - who? Here’s what BMW thinks about that:

Ad Overview

An advertisement for Barney’s New York. No BMW anywhere to be found. Brilliant! Is Audi telling Barney’s to check their luxury badge? Once again, Audi is outsmarted by BMW’s marketing team. Good job guys, this has proved to be really entertaining! I really hope we can see more of it from Audi and BMW in the future. Who knows, maybe Audi will come up with something clever next time? For this battle though, BMW definitely wins.

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  • Adnan

    I’m with you on this one Tony – looks like Audi just owned themselves – kudos for BMW with outsmarting them!

    Audi were right to feature their R8, but the text chosen was lame and not “gripping” enough.

    What would be cool to see on some of the bigger car websites out there (eg. Autoblog, Jalopnik) is an advert war on the web pages themselves – would make for some great eyeballing and no doubt great value for the advertisers!

  • Tony

    Yeah, that would be cool. I’d imagine it would generate a lot more publicity then the price to do it too! Good idea Adnan!

  • mattattaxx

    It makes sense to say ‘check your luxury badge’ since Audi is pretty much the new choice for those who used to drive BMW’s.

  • The Watcher

    Since BMW is is going against a standard A4 with an M3, which is not a fair comparison, a nice comeback line from AUDI would have been:

    “Oh, really. Just wait for my big brother RS4 to be launched so he can come kick your ugly butt”

  • sir foxx

    yeah watcher, that would reallaaay be cool, if youve got the same kickass sense of humor as Duke Nukem.

  • sir foxx

    OT: this ad wars really generate alot of attention and i agree with adnan for the bigger car websites idea, could be very profitable. But if not done very meticulously it will wear off quite fast.

  • BMW

    audi could say: “checkmate?!the king is still on the board.”

    pict. audi r8


    “try to checkmate that.”

    again r8 picture.

    • Dom

      Technically in chess you have to have your king on the board at all times, so a checkmate is still possible with the king on the board ;)

  • carnewsandreviews

    This kind of ads are definitely funny; if you watched the BMW joy videos, you might know what I am bubbling about here…

  • Josh

    you guys are retarded the RS4 is a comparison to the 335i lol nowhere near M3 so even that V8 garbage would be no good!!

  • Tommy

    Why didn’t Audi just come back with ‘Pawned!’

  • Dean

    Audi should have responded with the picture of the R8 and the caption “Wrong game”


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