Aixam Coupe S: The Carped For 16-Year-Olds Without A Driving License

Small and legal with white stripes on her body. The French Aixam sure knows how to party...
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Can you see the Mini Coupe in that shape? Nope, neither can we.

It’s got four wheels. It has a roof. It looks vaguely like a Mini Coupe if you’ve forgotten to stick your contact lenses in. It costs just under £10,000. But here’s the kicker; a 16-year-old can drive it.

That’s insanely amazing lolworthy for the win!“, I hear you youngsters exclaim. Because now all you need is a moped license to drive what is dubbed as a light quadricycle out on Britain’s roads. However, with a top speed of 28mph, the Aixam Coupe S is guaranteed to be the slowest motor in your school carpark and with only 2 seats, you’d better hope ‘Billy No Mates’ is the only lad getting his hands on one.

White stripes make you go faster. Not in this case...

If you haven’t heard of Aixam before, they’re a French manufacturer based in Aix-Les-Bains, Savoie. And the company is planning to launch the Aixam Coupe S at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham tomorrow on the 24th November at the Motorcycle Live event. But what’s the quad packing under the hood that makes it so teen-friendly?

Beneath the white racing stripes lies a 400cc diesel engine capable of reaching heady speeds of 28mph – did we mention it weighs less than 350kg? – whilst returning a strong 79.4mpg and emitting only 77 g/km of carbon dioxides. That means no tax, no congestion charge and less trips to Shell to fill ‘er up.

Worth getting one year on your mates?

But it still begs the question: with other quadricycles hitting the road, like the Renault Twizy we tested earlier this month, why would you want to buy the Aixam? Is getting a year’s headstart on your mates really worth paying more than a Ford Fiesta and receiving less in return? And with insurance hitting your wallet at £2,200 per year, is it really that economical?

Your views as always in the comments.

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  • derea

    Some peole learn how to drive slowly, and this is a very good vehicle for that

    • J.M. Cardigan

      No. This vehicle would force people to put their pedal to the ground, what do you think a kid who does that all the time will do with a faster car?


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