Abarth: 26 Stunning Photos From The A-Z Car Archive

Kicking off our new A-Z series of cars in pictures is the potent Scorpion, Abarth...
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The potent Scorpion has been with us since 1949, but its golden moments were in the 60s when Abarth found success in hillclimbing and endurance racing events, competing with against the big boys such as the Ferrari Dino and Porsche 904. Through the 80s, Abarth helped Fiat race and sell hardcore rally editions of its cars and also helped Porsche and Simca produce new models. Abarth climbed from mere trim-level status in the 90s and early Noughties to being a proper tuning arm again in 2007, and today you can get the Italian racing treatment for your Fiat 500, Punto Evo and maybe even your Panda!

In our first gallery of 26 Hot Photos From The A-Z Car Archive here are some of Abarth’s greatest hits:

No woman as old as the Abarth 205 looks this good!

Instead of a centre badge, this 1500 Biposto features a big headlight so you can't miss badgers.

The award for the hottest Abarth ass goes to this 750 BiTurbo! Look at those humps!

The 1600 also gets an award for its stunning side profile

We can tell by the massive exhaust that the 2000 concept really likes the model!

The only thing spoiling the 1968 2000 SE010 Sport's look is this bored-looking driver

We'd have this Abarth Stola Monotipo over a Fiat 500 easily. It should have been made!

One of the hottest cars of the 70s, the Abarth-ed Autobianchi A112.

Two-tone paint jobs aren't just a recent fad. This Abarth 124 hooning round the track has one.

A Fiat 131 with the Abarth touch properly exploring the countryside.

Keeping the butt flap open made the Fiat 600 faster, so that's how it was sold!

We dare you to say that this 500 looks like a chick's ride

One of the latest Abarth 500s, the 595 Turismo.

The other, a 202bhp 695 Assetto Corse

Not just hot on the outside, the Abarth 500 has inner beauty too.

If you're not keen on the 600's open butt flap, here's a much better view.

Want an Abarth for a British summer? Here's the 750 Spider for you

The little 750 puppy cocking its leg.

This Punto Evo Abarth is the cheapest car with the word 'supersport' you can buy..

You can't buy this S2000 rallyer though, unless it turns up at an auction.

For your Punto Evo Abarth, you can get alloys made entirely of forks that could kill.

Of course, all Punto Abarth owners store their cars in hangers with their planes.

Cornering here is the Rimto GR2. Rimto... sounds like one of Spyro's enemies.

Before playing with Fiats, Abarth put his fingers in this Porsche 356, and the company's secretary!

Abarth also gave Simca a hand with a 1300cc twin-cam engine.

Finally, the heart of today's Abarth Esseesse cars.


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  • Alek Nedelchev

    the 750 biturbo is photoshoped. There was never anything like that done. Please do your homework.

    • GK

      Good catch. I’ve been using photoshop all my life (long time), but missed that. I should have seen it right away. I know that Abarth never made one this way before, but I just figured someone had done a major revamping on this one. Once you blow the picture up, you can’t miss some sloppy photoshop work. I think I’d prefer to have car in it’s original form anyway.


Image source: Mercedes AMG Petronas
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