A BRZ With A 6.0 Corvette V8? Hell Yeah, We Want That

If you think 197bhp isn't enough, Weapons Grade Performance have the answer
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When the Toyota FT-86 concept appeared at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2009, the motoring world held its collective breath in anticipation of what turned out to be the best driver’s car in years. Its sweet handling and driver focused ideology resonated with petrolheads fed up with bloated econo-boxes.

It took approximately half a mile of driving from the factory gates however, before people began yearning for MOAR POWWEERRR!!!!. With 197bhp the BRZ’s far from slow, but in an age where you can get 500bhp from a family car, 197bhp just isn’t deemed enough.

Video 1

Toyota and Subaru had anticipated this, though, and inspired by the tuning culture attached to the legendary AE86, they made the cars easy to modify. Weapons Grade Performance, based in Connecticut, clearly decided the standard engine was just too puny, so decided a little American muscle was in order.

Step up the brilliantly named BRZO6, a Subaru BRZ with a 500bhp+ Corvette LS2 motor from a ZO6. The guys at WGP went for the swap after realising the 6.0 V8 in the ZO6 looked dimensionally smaller than the 2.0-litre Boxer engine in the Subaru. A few measurements confirmed their suspicions, and the team set to work swapping the engines.


The engine turned out to be so much smaller that they easily had enough space to fit the other custom parts as well as an upgraded radiator. The transmission swap wasn’t so easy, with the tunnel needing to be customised to fit the new gearbox.

On top of all this a new exhaust was fitted (helping to make that epic V8 rumble all the more evident), and upgraded KW suspension installed to improve handling.

Video 2

Weapons Grade Performance offers these upgrades to all its customers, and considering the fact that R&D is factored into the price, they’re relatively good value. The basic kit includes engine and transmission mounts, custom oil pan and driveshaft for $3200. The ‘complete kit’ will set you back $9100, but for your money you get all of the above plus custom engine wiring and exhausts, and upgraded cooling. On top of all that you can option in upgrades on the rear end, brakes and wheels among other things.

We could sit and listen to that V8 rev all day. Yes, it’s fair to say that the BRZO6 is a serious CT want.

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  • Topheezy

    No Z06 had an LS2

    • fiveseven15

      right? ls2 is camaro SS? LS6 and LS7 were z06

      • etr99

        yes it was 05-07 c6 corvettes came with it.

        • Oktain

          But the Z06 never had an LS2, that’s the point. The base C6 Vettes of 05-07 had the 6.0 LS2 and in 08 they went to LS3.

        • fiveseven15

          not the Z06. Z06 was the LS7. base was the LS2
          LS7-dry sump and square port head
          LS2-wet sump cathedral port.

          there arent any non-z06 vettes running around with dry-sump from the factory

          • Alex

            Amount of cluelessness in here is staggering. 2010+ LS3 Grand sports equipped with a manual all got the dry sump oil system from the Z06, so you are in fact misinformed.

          • not that guy again

            Actually, you can order a C6 Grand Sport with a manual transmission and a dry sump.

          • fiveseven15

            i stand corrected. is it an LS7? or the standard LS with dry sump? serious question

    • Guest


  • Matt Bernier

    Can’t wait to see one in action.

  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    If the engine makes 500 bhp, it is not an LS2, the Z06 engine was an LS7 which had a 7L displacement and 510 bhp.

    • fiveseven15

      since it clearly says LS2 on the valve covers, i think the person who wrote the article kinda just filled in the blanks himself. BRZ06? LS2? GM v8? must be 500HP because i remember a Z06 in there somewhere in my notes!

  • Strahler

    I hate when you swap a american engine into a Japanese car. Those idiotic fuckers dont even know the potential of a japanese engine -.-

    • DKaine

      I’m not even going to reply to this. Shit, I just did. Since I’m here, I might as well just tell you to shut the fuck up.

  • James Ott

    To whomever wrote this article you are wrong on some things here not built by who ever you said it was built by east coast swapper both videos are from wicked big meet in which I was there. There is no horsepower numbers yet for it because they haven’t dynoed it due to the instrument panel not working yet and it is an ls2 but not from a corvette it is a 6.0 out of a gto yes it says corvette but its not

  • PreludeSH97

    Now what about throwing a twin turbo kit ontop of all that?

  • Wedge Antillies

    Hey smart ones…the Z06 has the 7.0 LS7….not the 6.0 LS2


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