Ban All Petrol And Diesel Cars? Hell Will Have To Freeze Over First

These proposals mean the death of the motor car as we know it today...
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Original image source: Vod Cars

Original image source: Vod Cars

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled their proposals to ban all petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040.

The proposal – which aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions – would mean millions of cars being taken off our roads in favour of super-low emissions vehicles such as hybrids and EVs. Fossil fuels would, however, be permitted for use in HGVs.

Singer Porsche 911

You can kiss cars like the Singer 911 goodbye under the Lib Dems’ proposals

Obviously, the plans spell more disadvantages than advantages for UK petrolheads. Have you bought an expensive new car recently? Chances are high it’s not electric, nor will it have a hi-tech hybrid system in place. For that reason, the Lib Dems’ proposal means your new car – which probably has a shelf life of a few decades these days – will be killed off prematurely. Owner of a classic sports car? Forget driving it on UK roads after 2040 (unless you stuff it full of batteries in the meantime).

standard twizy

Granted, EVs are getting cooler and more usable these days – you need only look at the Renault Twizy and Zoe – but to put an outright ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2040 is not the right way to get votes or save the environment. Let’s not forget, it’s huge power stations that make electricity for our EVs, after all…

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  • Adnan Ebrahim

    4 people work for the Liberal Democrats

    • Alex

      2 more have just been employed

      • guest

        Make that 18.
        Methinks I smell a few trolls, or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

        • markus

          Looks like the trolls are being trolled now!

  • Andrew Evans

    Banning pure-fossil-fuelled HGVs and public transport would make around 200 times the impact than doing so for private cars.

    Of course the haulage industry would kick up a stink, the companies tendering for public transport contracts would lobby the tits off the government and the private motorist just has to grit their teeth… BOHICA.

  • Christopher Newbigging

    Who the hell said yes???? Al Gore?

  • Speedmonkeymatt

    If we proposed a ban on tofu, wheatgrass, Farah slacks and cagouls the Lib dems would be up in arms. Tossers. And 99% of them drive old Peugeot estates anyway

  • Antony Ingram

    Never gonna happen. It essentially amounts to one MP’s proposal in an increasingly unpopular party that would have to get through the entire governmental process to pass into law.

    I’d be surprised if they’d managed to clear the red tape by 2040, let alone enact a new law…

    • Antony Ingram

      For the record though, and speaking as someone who actually *likes* electric vehicles etc, I STILL think it’s a barmy idea. And I wouldn’t be sticking around in the UK to witness such a thing happen…

  • deviancyoverload

    It’s not even what’s been proposed. No-one seems to have read the documents properly. Just sensationalist headlines.

  • Felix Tiderman

    you forget the fact that all cars with combustion engines can be powered by bioethanol or biodiesel. That is like petroleum, but better for the environment!

  • RandomGuy1000

    I am in favor of this, then everyone will be forced to buy electric making the electric cars cheaper and therefore lowering the price of transportation.

  • Guest

    What kind of dooshbags are voting in favor of this ban. Furthermore, why are they perusing this site?

  • Zachary Ong

    Come on, this is just idiotic.

  • Aloyisous

    I’m born again cyclists couldn’t given two hoots what they power cars with.

  • Jackie1296

    That is why I am a conservative. D-crats obviously don’t give a crap about what they drive yet they pick on people that do. Not cool.

  • guy

    2040 is the Prius year


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