8 Ultimate Sleepers That’ll Drop Jaws At The Drag Strip

We asked you to submit your favourite Q-car videos: here's the cream of the subtle dream machines
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No-one can resist a Q-car – even if brand new ones are few and far between these days. We asked your to submit your favourite tuned sleepers via Car Memes, and the response included some of the most magnificent mega-power machines ever to grace the pages of YouTube. We’ve rounded up the top 8 for your viewing pleasure: hit the comments if you reckon there’s a classic that deserves its own spot in the hall of fame.

1. The 3000hp Steve Morris Mustang

Andy Pants (great name) submitted this Mustang, advising we ‘ignored the parachute‘. Granted, it’s hard to overlook the ‘chutes, rear wing, and suspiciously wide drag tyres, but thanks to its amazingly standard looking body, lack of scoops and vents, or any sponsor logos, this twin-turbo 3000hp Ford Mach I Mustang makes the cut. The cheeky commentary that goes along with the video is worth a listen too.

With this much performance on tap, we’ll forgive it the parachutes after all.

2. Volvo 275 with Toyota 2JZ engine

The perfect support wagon for your super-tuned Supra is, obviously, a late 1970s Volvo wagon with an equally mental powerplant driving its rear wheels. Let’s go M5-baiting! And we’re talking 5.0-litre V10 models here too…

3. 728hp Toyota Camry

Toyotas are dull, as a rule, with the Camry the ultimate poster child for cars as nothing more than an appliance. Of course, the cure is to squeeze more power than a Lamborghini Aventador under the bonnet…

4. Chrysler Voyager minivan

MPVs are the ultimate vehicular expression of mundanity, making them perfect for a sleeper conversion. This one is very turbocharged, very front-wheel drive, and the king of all people carriers. Remember, smoking kills (tyres).

5. The Farm Truck

A 1970 Chevrolet C-10 Pick-Up, with a racing V8 in the nose. America at its best here, folks. There’s a great sense of humour and attention to detail too: the numberplate for this cracking sleeper reads: ‘ZZZZZZ’. Perfect.

6. AWD turbo-Civic

Boxy, upright, mumsy: this Civic barely looks aerodynamic enough to fight a stiff breeze. Yet with all-wheel drive traction and a turbo conversion, it’s a match for a Corvette off the line and, with swift enough changes, pegs the ‘Vette to around 100mph.

7. Ford Festiva Turbo

When a front-drive supermini beats out a V8 Mustang wearing nothing more than some EuroNCAP-lookalike front rims, you know you’ve found a quality sleeper. It runs a 12.5sec quarter mile @ 110mph, too.

8. Holden Commodore V6

We started with a parachute-wearing sleeper, and we’ll end on one too, because aside from the bedsheet out back, this Commodore looks amazingly standard. It doesn’t even use the V8 available in the stock car, instead opting for the lighter, revvier 3.6-litre V6, tuned with with twin Garrett turbos running 15lbs of boost. Despite major traction issues, it’s good for a 9.88sec quarter running on race fuel.

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  • Trevor Vander

    Buddy made the list – Go EuroTiva!!!! Little festiva surprises everyone – should see his SVO with a C4;-)

  • steve

    im going to have to contend with stating the Mach 1 has a ‘standard looking body’. Now say its purdy ‘r git out my ‘Merica!

  • Jacob young

    M5 driver goes home trys not to cry
    Lays down and crys alot

  • Mitch

    But but but… You missed this! How can you ignore the Datsun 120Y, complete with lawn balls!


  • Jeffery

    Go the commodore… STRAYA!


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