Watch 7 Cocky F1 Drivers Spectacularly Run Out Of Talent

As these clips demonstrate, showboating in an F1 car doesn't always go smoothly...
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R28 crash

When you’re instructed to take a pricey F1 car and put on a bit of a show for a crowd, the last thing you want to do is bin it. And while most of these demo runs at car festivals and promotional events usually go pretty smoothly, accidents do happen. Get ready to wince at the sight and sound of crunching carbon fibre with our pick of the best F1 demo run fails.

1. Kobayashi Wrecks A Ferrari In Moscow

Attempting heroic burnouts aboard a 2009 Ferrari F60 on a very damp, bumpy street is rarely going to end well. Ferrari at least took the incident in good spirits, giving former Sauber driver Kamui a spare car for the rest of the event, and posted up this video with an amusing title.

2. A Renault R28 Is Difficult To Keep In A Straight Line

What was supposed to be a simple straight-line drag race at an event in Dubai goes expensively wrong, as FIA official and rally driver Mohammed bin Sulayem loses the back end of this Renault R28 and slams it into a wall. Oops…

3. Heidfeld Misjudges The Kerb

Oh Nick, it was going so well! After perfectly executing several doughnuts at BMW’s Munich HQ aboard a BMW Sauber F1.07, Nick Heidfeld casually drives away, only to misjudge the position of a kerb. Kerb 1, front wing 0.

4. Senna’s Lotus Hits The Hay

Goodwood 2013 saw a number of exotic machines crunched, and this was arguably the most significant. This Lotus 98T, driven by none other than F1 legend Ayrton Senna in the 1986 season, was liberated of its front wing and left front wheel after a sizeable off. Ouch.

5. Pastor Maldonado’s Dramatic Homecoming

The Williams driver has had his fair share of incidents on track, but this video demonstrates that he’s also pretty good at crashing into things off track too. At a homecoming event in Caracas, Venezuela, a sideways Pastor comes clattering over the pavement, smashing the suspension of this FW33.

6. Goodwood Claims Another Lotus

What is it with Goodwood and old Lotus F1 cars? At the 2010 event this 1989 Lotus 101 had an expensive coming together with a hay bale. To make matters worse, driver Steve Griffiths is the owner of this car, so he will have been the one footing the bill.

7. Sebastien Buemi vs Marshal

As a kid, your parents probably told you to look both ways before crossing the road. It would seem no one told that to this marshal, who had a painful incident with a Red Bull F1 car piloted by Sebastien Buemi at an event in Japan.

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