6 Reasons Why Everyone Hates On Hondas

Honda drivers get a lot of stick from us lot. But why do we all hate? Here are some of your opinions...
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honda meme

Last week, I stumbled across yet another meme that took the piss out of Honda drivers. Which got me thinking – where did the hate for the VTEC kicked in, yo! crew start? Are all Honda drivers assholes? Are non-Honda owners jealous that VTEC will never kick in?

Check out the 3 heroic Hondas we must protect from ricers.

To find out the reason why Honda drivers and their cars get such bad press, I put the question out there on the interweb. Here’s what you lot had to say:

1. Civic Ricers Who Race

screen shot 1

2. Dickheads Like This

3. ‘Obnoxious Mods’

screen shot 4
screen shot 3

screen shot 2

4. Stereotypical Honda Owners

screen shot 6

screen shot 7

5. The Meme Phenomenon


chuck norris

vtec 2

vtec 3


6. The Fast And The Furious

screen shot 8

What’s your take on the subject? Do you hate? If so, why?

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  • Mickey Jizzle

    Hahahaha! I was fully ready to defend Hondas, but the Memes totally won me over. Love it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/valeriu.crainic Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    The Vin Diesel meme just made me ROFL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.benoit.923 Nicolas Benoit

    I am SO embarassed by that video and here’s why: it’s from Québec, Canada, which is where i live. people like this make hondas AND young drivers look VERY BAD. on the flip side one of my best friends really likes Civics. he drives and tunes his car in a proper way which i respect very much

    there are no bad hondas, only bad owners

    • Reginald

      …Moi aussi je suis du Québec Tab***ak !!! ;-)

    • mannn

      eg hatches are my favorite civics… why must people ruin them? :/

    • Riccardo Bisante

      I’m from Quebec and am currently looking for a Crx but all I’m finding is rice buckets, it’s freaken depressing =(

  • jer EFsedan

    its the ricers that make real honda enthusiasts look bad spoilers lights body kits ebay fart can exhaust spend some real money and do it right get real parts and stop driving like dumbass’s theres no need to drive all dumb at the walmart parkin lot leave all that on the track if its worthy or dont do it at all keep it cool and mae them hate on us cause our cars are clean

  • spm

    Umm the one meme has a Toyota supra in it…

    • http://throttletvmagazine.webs.com/ jus1029

      That’s to oppose the Hondas.

    • Shawn

      That’s the point dumbass. It’s saying that a Supra can beat a Hondas ass and it doesn’t have VTEC.

      • SupraSin

        Are you completely retarded ahahaha

      • http://www.facebook.com/martin.pretorius2 Martin Pretorius

        Actually, the Supra’s 2JZ-GTE motor has Toyota’s version of variable valve timing. Only less clever, because it only changes intake cam timing, not the valve lift as well.

        • Merica

          Seriously, who cares. And just to add on to why this topic doesn’t deserve any merit, VVTi was in the Japan 97+ supra’s only.

          Just to be clear. Yes, there is a supra in the meme pic. Use a bit of common sense to figure out why it is there.

          ‘MERICA! That is all.

        • superbro

          And to further add to this vtec only came to be because vvti was designed by toyota first and when honda tried to trademark their first vtec they were told to redesign because it was too similar to vvti….do some research first.

          • dankwgn

            nope nope and more nope alfa was the first to put in a production car . nissan was the first with electronically controlled variable valve timing and honda came next. you info is flawed good sir

      • Gappi

        in stock form the supra with it´s 3l twin turbo setup didn´t have nothing to do on a track or in a straight line with a 3l N/A NSX (vtec did kick in yo) So it really doesn´t make sense to try to sound all cool and put up a picture like that with the supra in it,, if you compare the supra with it´s competitior the NSX and not one of the lowest models Honda makes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/J88NYR Jonny Rose

      Yes… the Supra is saying “That’s cute” to the Honda saying VTEC just kicked in You.

  • Jamey

    FWD. that’s the problem with Honda Civics. going over 250HP on a FWD car is ridiculous as drivability dies, raceability dies (except highway pulls and that’s not racing, that’s just pressing pedals), torque steer kills handling and understeer kills cornering ability.

    • http://www.gtplanet.net/ Andrew Evans

      Torque steer happens because of torque, not power. The clue’s kinda in the name “torque steer”. Luckily, Hondas have no torque, so it’s a bit of an all-round win.

      • Simon

        thing is, if they put a turbo on said civic, chances are that they will then have torque steer when the turbo starts spooling

        • http://www.gtplanet.net/ Andrew Evans

          …in lower gears. Gearboxes multiply torque – so a 140lbft (peak) engine is stacked up to 1575lbft (peak) at hubs in 1st, 875lbft in 2nd, 525lbft in 3rd and so on.

          Nail on a snail blowing another 60ci into the engine and you’re looking at possibly 200lbft crank peak, 2250lbft hub peak in 1st, 1250lbft in 2nd – and you’re already putting less torque down than the original did in 1st. If it didn’t torquesteer off the line stock, it won’t in 2nd gear now – and since you won’t be going down to 1st gear while moving, there’s no torquesteer to “kill handling”.

          In any case, torquesteer isn’t so much of an issue for even modified Civics. A little moreso on the more recent ones when they moved from double wishbone to MacPherson strut.

        • pedro sanchez92

          ‘Chances are’ so you’re just speculating and actually have no idea?? Or is this fact??

          • Jay

            It will torque steer, probably up to atleast 3rd gear if you’ve got 250bhp. I’m not sure Andrew Evans have driven a 200bhp+ FWD car before, becuase then he’d know.

    • ae92drftz

      nah fwd cars do mad drifts… sarcasm*

      • http://www.facebook.com/darren.cassey Darren Cassey

        A friend of mine took me out in his Almera GTI and said “see, front wheel drive cars can drift, too” – he proceeded to understeer wildly round a blind corner. Suffice to say I have never been back in a car with him.

        • Patrick Rhoades

          they actually teach you how to fwd drift at some schools it’s not that they can’t it’s just a lot different and harder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Danny.StaZ Dan Stasiak

    Let people do whatever they want in whatever cars they want. You wont stop them or change their minds all of this is a group of peoples opinions and its really pathetic to hate on a great car company and its cars. Honda’s are legendary reliable nice cars that offered a great way for the average teenager when the ricer fast and furious phase went trough for them to have something similar. I myself own a prelude and i love it and it gets so many compliments and heads turn and that to me is enough to love my Honda.

  • John Walkers

    I used tyo own a 2000 Prelude and like it a lot. I never spent a dime on retarded useless mods that wouldn’t make my car more efficient or better. In that time, 3 years ago, I was smarter, and probly still am, than the average “car enthusiast” and didn’t go ahead to buy a civic and mod it with useless junks. My younger friend, white guy, used to get hyped about how he’s going to get this hatchback ek something and swap type-R engine or what ever they called it. I told him to not do it because for one it’s a civic and two you’ll be wasting money and shit. Then a few months after he swapped and all, he said that he didn’t want the car anymore, because well, it was a civic, he spent too much, meanwhile I played cool with my prelude till I bought a G35. These things can be cool only as a project, and God forbid that you put it on sale cause only the Civic fanboys will consider buying it. I don’t want to be racist, but the people doing this are white boys, and they are easy targets.

    • http://www.facebook.com/derek.leverknight Derek Leverknight

      true… but then the same can be said for the rattle traps the black guys run around in… 5th avenues and Cadillacs with more money in the speakers than the car or in the wheels than the car. sorry but hearing the trunk and windows rattle is just as annoying as the fart cans… cant we get a nice radio without killing every song with feedback? how about a nice flowmaster rumble?

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.berrios.7 William Berrios

    As a mustang owner, and 300z fanatic, I’ve seen some sick hondas with awesome performace. However I agree, its the obnoxious owners that ruins the name. I agree there’s a stereo type for every brand.

  • Dalton

    Its funny cuase I live in vegas and I dont know how bad the Honda ricer problome everywere else but its BAD here and the very first thing they do is put the fart can on dont even do there headera or nnothing else drop put an over size wing thats made from plastic and are like my cars so sick n fast bro when in reality I bet my moms stock Hyundai elantra is faster than your fart mobile. How many pounds of rice to the mile do they get anyways everytime I ask them they cant tell me??? Haha

    • http://twitter.com/antonyingram Antony Ingram

      Maybe they can’t understand a word you’re saying.

  • Johndoe

    S2000s are rad. They just ultimately do poor for daily street driving(powerband).

  • Merica

    Can someone please post pictures to a nice clean non ricer Honda Civic that was built right and make sense.

    I’ll wait patiently for the links to start rolling in.

    • Brian Doe


  • Jessuss

    because they suck is why i hate them

  • boris linkin

    99 honda accord. Full 3″ borla exhaust. Garrrett 70 trim turbo. Swapped to rwd swapped you six speed manual 3,0 v6 and itll take on most if anything

    • http://www.facebook.com/derek.leverknight Derek Leverknight

      true, but then it really isnt a honda anymore either lol more of a franken car, though i like those i just dont see it as a brand anymore.

  • Bri

    so get an Acura that Mexicans cant afford and just put after market things on its…just dont make it look stupid.

  • Hung Dingus

    I find the most common problems with Honda owners (usually being 16 and having no sense of priorities) will spend $600 on a fart can and rims while their burning oil and rusted ass quarter panels. And if they do have a job and can afford parts they dont realize you can’t slap an Ebay turbo on your otherwise stock civic with 160,000 miles on it and NOT have any issues.

    And my second point, I have tons of respect for a people who can manage to push 400 +hp out of a 4cly honda…It just fries my ass when people think their stock honda is the fastest car in the world because they saw a civic (with well over $80k invested in it) beat a lambo on Youtube.

  • usalover fuck Honda and japs

    Stereotypical Honda ? Rice and hate usa go fuck your self if you buy foreign cars. Thank god the people who drive Hondas beat and grenade there little four bangers that’s what they get for buying a 3G rice box

  • collins customs

    totally made the chuck norris meme this morning

  • http://www.facebook.com/geneandrew.ouellette Gene-Andrew Ouellette

    As a Honda Accord owner, I know that there isn’t much you can do to my little sedan
    But as stated above, there is nothing wrong with driving, owning, and having a Honda vehicle.
    It is the owners that give the reliable, Japanese car, a bad name.
    I’m a high school student, and I honestly only need my car to get to work and back
    I don’t plan on destroying a beautiful car just so I can get some rep.

  • Billy

    What about the NSX? Has everyone forgotten about it? :O

    • http://www.facebook.com/william.berrios.7 William Berrios

      yeah, that car is sick.

  • pedro sanchez92

    I own a civic and love it to bits! Fairly cheap to run yet they still pack a bit of kick with minimal upgrades. Oh and reliable!
    It’s definitely about the driver because the car itself is a beautiful machine.
    Respect the car not the dickhead behind the wheel

  • http://www.facebook.com/derek.leverknight Derek Leverknight

    i work for a honda dealership, its weird to see people talking hondas up… but they only ever talk about the reliability of the vtec…. but both chevy and ford have that reliability in most of their motors without fancy crap like that, in fact most even compete with the same or better fuel economy…honda’s “truck” the ridgeline is a good example, its a great 4×4 setup in the drive train with front and rear lockers factory…. but you can get that in a chevy pickup, haul more with it, and get the same if not better fuel economy with more power from the worlds longest lasting most produced engine setup of all time the 5.7l 350 sbc. honda is a reliable car, hell the SI is even a “fun” car to play around in… but ive also driven the newer SS impala and the ford GT. both cars would destroy the SI any day of the week, get comparable fuel economy, more power, more seating room, and are just as reliable, i dont like honda’s myself, im not even sure why, its a combination of idiot drivers and owners, and people thinking they can do anything with those little 4cylinders, sorry i grew up around v8′s and those 4 bangers just dont impress me, course ive never seen a camaro or mustang with a fart can either…..

    • Batman

      You really can’t compare the SI to the SS (they don’t make an SS impala) and the mustang GT (I assume that’s what you meant). The Civic SI coupe fully loaded is only 25k. The Mustang GT fully loaded is more than 35k and the SS Impala STARTS at 43k. Not exactly competitors…

      • derek leverknight

        I never compared price ranges though did I? I said the others give more bang for your buck. If your going to go for a new car you might as well put the little extra money in to get more room more power and comparable fuel economy. I never said that those bigger cars would cost the same. But to get to the level of those larger cars you’ll be at a similar price with the upgrading you would need to do.

        • J GOOD

          More bang for your buck? You get the most bang for your buck with the SI according to all arguments. You’re telling me that 10,000$ on the engine won’t push it past the GT?

          • derek leverknight

            That depends really. Are you talking parts alone or total cost? Of course 10k straight into the motor can get you past either larger car. However if you’re talking total cost, without yourself doing all the work then you’d be stretching it. Pulling an engine alone is in some cases up to $1000. Factor it what you would actually need parts wise, natural aspiration or forced induction, that’s. Oh say conservatively around 3-4k. Plus the labor to install and plumb everything. If your go for broke with boost then you need upgraded internals, another 3k+. Not counting the ecm reflashing which can run up to another $1000-1500. Then you’ll likely need to beef up the transmission. Again another few thousand dollars. So yes it is quite possible to spend over 10k getting to where those larger cars start. And by that point you’re doing MAJOR work to get there. On the other hand those bigger cars are starting ahead of you. And the LS engine platform is much cheaper to upgrade. In the long run you’re better off going bigger and getting more. If you spen that extra 10k to get tp where the other cars start then how are you getting any more bang for your buck????

  • AnasDrift

    Honda smokes an V8 engines….with only small 2 litres

    Honda all the way


    • http://www.facebook.com/william.berrios.7 William Berrios

      thats only possible after you invest a shit ton of money in it, you know, for actual performance parts. Not stickers, huge wings, shitty kit, and fart canons

    • VEightFreak427

      Yeah….maybe. But that is very rare and usually only happens against stock V8s and super modded small displacement engines…

    • derek leverknight

      Ill put pretty much any 2wd v8 pickup against your honda stock on stock. Who’s going to win?

  • beno

    People hate it when they spend 10 grand and get beaten by 2 grand mods . I’ll say to them to make a good choice not to spend a night thinking to make a poss pic for HONDA’s . You look more silly because you are trying yo proof something you and the can’t

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.dixon.98 Chris Dixon

    Sighs ????I can’t lie… I hate on Hondas… For these reasons… While I believe the NSX, especially the NSX-R is the greatest tuner of all time and is the only car to bridge the gap between and combine a high performance exotic and a tuner you can build in your garage… Admittedly, it’s one of my dream cars… And she deserves respect.

  • Pataque

    it’s a hard but interesting truth. i like honda’s but the people driving them …

  • http://www.facebook.com/ghazzdbest Neil Carbonaro

    Please, hate on the idiot drivers not on Hondas. Hondas are good cars….

  • Civic Driver

    I like my 96 honday civic LX auto…hahah!! Its gas efficient, a great commuter car since I go to college, and its a friend friendly car. Its four door and I have some minor mods on my car, but they’re really simple. All i have is a carbon fiber hood, black r type lips, and black head lights and thats all. Its simple and something that that looks nice on the street. I dont go reving my civic’s auto engine at anyone, and its annoying when anyone else does it to me. hahah! i dont race, but i dont like to drive a nice car.

  • Reginald Roy

    Just say what you want, Hondas are amongst the most reliable cars available in the World.

  • JIM


    • Jay

      Too be honest new Hondas are as shitty as their american counterparts.

  • Stiliqn007

    So what im understanding is..people can’t have fun in their Hondas? They can’t do burnouts,make their car louder or have some illegal fun from time to time?

  • Luke Dorney

    hondas are like all cars they aren’t necessarily bad cars its just as said in other comments its bad owners putting massive air intakes and all thinking it would make the cars the best in the world yet they don’t bother touching the brakes or suspension and if they do all they do is chop the springs in half

  • Morgan McKinniss

    I drive a 5th gen prelude, and it will probably be the most fun car i ever own. its the most rev hungry, best sounding, cool looking little 4 banger ever and its still kicking 175k miles later completely stock. my point is, the car was built great by honda and id be stupid to go ricing it all to hell. its not a racecar and never will be, but it sure as hell is a fun car!

  • Mick

    pftt I hate ricers too. I have a clean black turbo RSX-S on nice 19 inch Motegi DPK chrome rims. I always get compliments on it, even from BMW and Mercedes drivers and muscle car guys.

    • Jay

      “19 inch Motegi DPK chrome rims”…”Always get compliments on it” Are you joking, or are you simply incapable of understanding what clearly is sarcasm?

    • Mick

      Those people aren’t being sarcastic

  • Dylan

    i own a honda 98 civic ex, im 15 i cant drive yet but i love cars, alot of people say all hondas are rice and have stupid mods done to them and i do agree “slamming” your car and stancing it is really stupid, i lowered my car some but my exhaust dosnt scrape when i drive over a bump…and yes i do have a after market exhaust but no it isnt a fart can even my dad likes it and he has owned every muscle car out there, all im saying is all the honda haters out there when someone tells you they own a honda dont say there a ricer because im not and alot of my honda owning friends arnt ether in fact we hate ricers because they have ruined it for all the non-ricer honda owners

    • J GOOD

      You’d be well off by leaving out how your, ‘dad that has owned every muscle car out there likes your exhaust’. Your dad has not owned every muscle car and you are his son so of course he likes it. I drive a 98 HX and am not hating on hondas. But that is not a good way to make your case.

  • Jerome Slapsyourface

    It’s true that most Civic drivers tune their cars till it’s retarded but a lot does not. My mum owns an EK9 Civic Type-R in the past till 2009 and it’s with uprated ECU to increase power from a mere 205BHP to 225BHP and with an stroker kit from 2.0 to 2.2L, power’s up to 240BHP and still, we don’t take it racing. All we do is bring it to the track on trackdays with my Stepdad and mum, whizz it with Lotuses and have fun. Not drag racing and act touch like “Look at me! I’m a racer on dah streets. Come race me ya dicks” and our car’s clean. Except for aftermarket wheels, Brembo brakes and a small spoiler, it’s perfectly clean and we even fetched it at a good price after my mum bought her Grand Vitara for business.

  • Aleewhealon

    The only two honda’s i can really get behind are the NSX and the S2k. Other than that i am not a fan of the looks of them in general and even more I hate how kids have this idea in their head about what is cool so they put on ridiculous mods that look and sound horrid.


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