39% Of Us Vote The Classic E30 As Our Favourite M3

The results are in! The E30 wins, but it was extremely close...
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A couple of weeks ago BMW gave us a first glimpse of the new M3… the M4. The name might have changed, but its ancestry hasn’t, so we decided to take a look back at M3s of the past, and asked you to vote for your favourite.

Since the E30 that started it all, BMW’s super saloon has been a benchmark for its competitors. The incredible driving experience secured its place in the hearts of petrolheads the world over, gaining a fanatical following that is evident in the comments section of our poll.


And the winner is… the E30 M3! But it was by no means a landslide victory, securing just 6% more of the total votes than the second placed E46, and it was those E46 fans who took to the comments in defence of their decision. We’d argue that most BMW fans probably hit E30 without thinking – the iconic styling and where-it-all-started status makes it the obvious choice.

Pie chart M3 (1)

And perhaps it was this fact – that the E30 is the obvious choice – that drove those who voted against it to defend their decision. Dare we say it, but the E46 came across as the thinking man’s M3, and we reckon Mickey Jizzle (we hope that’s your real name!) summed up your collective thought process perfectly, saying;

Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 12

Despite the E30 and E46 taking a whopping 72% of the votes, we should probably give a nod to the also-rans. Taking the final spot on the podium is the E36 with 13% of the votes, followed closely by the E92′s V8 rumbling along with 10% of you behind the wheel. Propping up the table, unsurprisingly, is the F82 M4, winning over a meagre 5% of voters.

M3 E30

But ultimately the winner should not have been a shock to anyone – the E30 won our poll, and its heroic reputation, through pure brilliance. The game-changing saloon still holds a special place in our hearts as a pure-bred driver’s car, its wide-arches barely containing the motorsport-bred tech that makes it a genuine legend of car culture.

So while we’ve discovered that you lot think BMW drivers are the biggest jerks on the road, you’d clearly forgive them for hooning an E30 M3. Thanks for voting!

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  • CarverSTi

    Wish there was a choice for the E90 M3.

    • Tippey764

      It should have just said E9X m3 but i guess this was really only comparing coupes.

  • Johnboy

    i picked the e30 as i prefer the raw-ness of it. ive driven the E30, E36 and E46. yes the E46 is a monster but the E30 is all driver control, bit of tail wag and a screaming engine in the Irish countryside.

  • e36fanatic

    this graph is broken, the shaded area for the e90 is larger than the e36s, yet the e36 has a higher percentage. Also, it should be e30, the ltw e36. 2 of the best chassis of all time!

    • Darren Cassey

      Hi, thanks for pointing this out, we’ve updated the chart accordingly! Our Photoshop monkey has been punished and put back in his cage.


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