10 Sappy Tweets That Prove Lewis Hamilton Needs To Man Up

Heart on his sleeve, yes, but does Lewis Hamilton need to man up on Twitter?
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Image source: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton is known to wear his heart on his sleeve, but those who follow him on Twitter will know that he tweets exactly what he feels.

With relationship struggles, tricky races and plenty of time to think as F1 takes a break for the summer, here are 10 sappy Lewis Hamilton tweets that proves he needs to stop moping around and just man up!

1. I wonder who that could be…


Stating the obvious much. I mean, we all know how much he is missing Jenson since leaving McLaren…

2. Alright, don’t rub it in…


Now us Brits are used to rainy summer days but recent conditions have proved to be quite sunny. However, Hamilton can’t help but rub in the constant sunshine of the USA’s west coast.

3. It must be a miracle…

This sappy tweet shows Hamilton gushing about his victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, he thinks it was a miracle that Mercedes returned to the front. You know… not the 400 odd team members back at base…

4. Music maker…


With all of his relationship troubles, instead of heading off to clear his head or focus on something else, Hamilton has been “pouring” his heart into some music tracks. We are definitely excited interested to see what they sound like…

5. Thanks for the advice…

Now we know it has been tough, but this mushy tweet had us all cringing. The message couldn’t get more obvious… he wants Shirtswinger back.

6. The typical “inspirational quote” tweet…


Bet he got that one off Google.

7. We get it, he is thankful for where he is…


We all know it’s his dream to drive in Formula 1, but Lewis should think of all the drivers who didn’t make it. How insensitive!

8. Still sappy even then!

Even when Lewis was still with Scherzinger, he was still tweeting all this mush AND giving her single a promo too! Oh dear.

9. Another inspirational quote…


Looks like Lewis got Jobs-fever with this ‘inspirational’ tweet and shameless selfie. Not even Ashton Kutcher would approve…

10. Bless the haters?

Despite his love of the word “bless“, Hamilton even went as far as to bless his haters.

Admittedly, we still love LH, but should Hamilton just man up a bit? Follow him on Twitter here and make up your own mind…

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  • Khash

    the writer of this article should man up! these tweets are all normal to me. the headline and comments could have been much better.

  • DerekTX

    Sounds like he’s growing up. Much improved over the tit-for-tat spats of years past. Good on ya’ Lewis. Pretentious article is pretentious.

  • Carnage11B

    What a man Bitch ahahahahahha!!!!!

  • .

    Of course, because being an openly emotional person detracts from one being a man. Obviously. This article is just perpetuating the notion about what an idealized male is supposed to be. Honestly, good for him for rejecting the notion that a man must portray a callous image, and that females are the only ones allowed to be emotional and that emotions or openness about them is equatable to weakness. Grow up is right, grow up and quit trying to force your contrived image of idealized masculinity upon other people. It’s his twitter and his life, he can post whatever the heck he wants.

  • dan4824

    absolutely not! quit being so pretentious.
    He’s being himself, and not the cold-as-ice, emotionless stone you expect him to be. He deserves more respect than you’re giving him.

  • Tyler Dowd

    How are these tweets “sappy”? Lame article

  • Davey

    They remind me of the shitty lame facebook posts my lame ass friend always posts


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